How to Choose a Recovery Coach

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How to Choose a Recovery Coach

Looking for help to overcome an addiction for yourself or for a loved one can be extremely overwhelming. Google can give you lots of options, but too many options can be paralyzing. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from seeking help. Finding a professional can make the journey to sobriety much more simple. Instead of endless queries regarding sobriety, the question then becomes what is a sober coach, and how to find one. 


What Does a Sober Coach Do?

If you or a loved one is looking for additional guidance in your recovery, working with a coach can help. A sober coach is focused on motivating someone to continue with their addiction recovery through several roles, including being a mentor, confidant, or advocate. Sober coach services encourage and promote health and wellness, both in the immediate future and for the long term. 


Tips for Choosing a Recovery Coach

When you want to find a sober coach, there are some specifics you should look for. Here are some tips for choosing a recovery coach. Consider a sober coach who:

  • Works with you to create accountability
  • Assesses and creates recovery plans based on your individual needs
  • Provides expertise and support from the early stages
  • Helps you maintain the goals you have in recovery
  • Provides intervention and family support when needed
  • Motivates you to continue with your treatment program
  • Offers services that fit your situation

Also consider whether you’re looking for someone professionally trained and certified in peer recovery coaching, or someone who has recovered from addiction in the past. What kind of support you are looking for, the biggest areas of concern for your recovery, and whether you want to work with your coach in person or through online resources are also very important when choosing a recovery coach.

It is important to find a sober coach you feel comfortable with in order to develop the connection and support you need for increased success; you need someone who can teach you good coping skills so you can work through difficult moments and continue on your addiction recovery journey. Recovery is possible, worth it, and is easier when you have the right help and encouragement. 


How to Find a Recovery Coach

Choosing a recovery coach can be one of the most important things you do to improve your success and comfort in recovery. Treatment programs often have sober coach options and recommendations. If you see a therapist or other mental health professional, they may also have recommendations for you. You can look online for recovery coaches in your area, as well. 


Our Sober Coaching Services in Dallas / Fort Worth

Ready to find a sober coach? Our sober coaching services make it easy to choose and work with a professional you can trust and relate to as you move through your addiction recovery. Reach out to us at Thrive Recovery & Wellness and we can help. Our sober coaches are in your corner to keep you focused and cheer you on as you work toward healthy goals.