Health and Wellness in Recovery

It is important to focus on your personal health and wellness when in recovery from addiction.

Recovery is about much more than just breaking an addiction. It’s also about making sure you take good care of your body and mind throughout the process and into the future. Health and wellness in recovery can have you feeling better faster. They can also help you maintain that good feeling and build on it for the long term. Here’s what to consider.

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The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition is a vital part of addiction recovery, because substance abuse can affect the nutrition your body needs. When you are in recovery you want to focus on all the nutrition you previously weren’t getting. Changing your eating habits can help you reset your hunger cues, get to and maintain a healthy weight, and eat the kinds of foods that are going to nourish your body. Since addiction often comes with poor eating and health choices, nutrition in recovery can help you move forward.

You may also associate certain foods with parts of your life that included addiction. Through your focus on nutrition you can reduce or eliminate foods that could be triggering for you. Nutrition in recovery from substance abuse should focus on getting in vitamins and minerals, and eating the kinds of foods that can help you create better overall health. Feeling better on a whole-body level contributes to strong health and wellness in recovery.

Why Fitness is an Important Step to Sobriety

Another important area to consider when you move past an addiction is how fitness can help you stay focused on healthy, active goals. This helps your physical health and strength, but can also be good for your mental health, as well. When you exercise and remain active you release endorphins that can help you feel happier and encourage you to keep up the activity. This is a great way to make fitness in recovery a part of your new, healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

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How Thrive Can Help Your Health and Wellness

At Thrive you can get the support you need for stronger and better health and wellness in recovery. There are multiple means of support available to you, for a whole-life approach that can move you toward a full recovery and a happier future.

Wellness and Lifestyle Development

The recovery from addiction is a battle that is ongoing. We can help you fight that battle and win every day, as you embrace sober living. Our services are designed to provide a balance between your personal and professional lives, so you can navigate through all you need to handle.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness guidance is a great way to direct your energy toward healthy pursuits. We offer various types of fitness guidance to reset your body, mind, and soul for a focus on healthy, sober living and recovery. By choosing forms of creative physical exercise, you can experience more complete health and wellness in recovery.

Nutritional Guidance

What you put into your body matters, and we can help you choose the right foods and nutrients for a higher chance at long-term health. You can meet your goal of living a life that is healthy and sober, and the right foods and nutritional supplements can help you do that more easily.


Individuals who are interested in learning more about health and wellness in recovery in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas should contact Thrive today to schedule an appointment.

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