ARISE® Intervention Program

Interventions are designed to help those addicted to drugs and alcohol understand how the products are affecting their lives and loved ones.

What is an Intervention?

Interventions are meetings designed to help individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol recognize how the use of these products is negatively affecting their lives, as well as the lives of those who care for them. The goal of an intervention is to change the results of a current situation or help modify the loved one’s behavior.

Family members during one of the Arise interventions


ARISE Comprehensive Care with Intervention is designed to reach people with substance use disorder mental health and/or compulsive behavioral issues by harnessing the immense power of the families Motivation to Change. It is a manualized process consisting of three levels and a comprehensive care program, which when combined takes 6 months or more to complete. During this time the Certified ARISE® Interventionist and family generally meet once a week. The focus of ARISE® is on long-term healing and recovery for the individual, all family members, and the family as a whole, rather than the individual alone. The goal is to promote and support long term recovery by coming together as a family, recognize patterns, and heal trauma. It is non-confrontational and works to unify the family to build on intergenerational strengths so that it may support individuals.


ARISE® Intervention (if needed), is an invitational, non-confrontational and transparent approach to Intervention, designed to respond to the love, fear, worry, and guilt of those living with an addicted loved one with the minimum time, cost, and effort on the part of an outside professional. It consists of three gradually escalating levels as needed to achieve treatment engagement. The goal is treatment engagement of the Person of Concern (PoC) and mobilization of the Intervention Network to make a commitment to work towards long-term recovery and healing of the individual and family.


ARISE® Comprehensive Care supports the person of concern and Intervention Network in establishing the life skills and changes necessary for long-term health, recovery and intergenerational family healing. Specifically, the Certified ARISE® Interventionist facilitates the interface between the Intervention Network and larger support system, the treatment provider(s) and the PoC to prevent premature drop out from treatment, develop and implement a relapse prevention plan, coordinate appropriate collaborative aftercare for the person of concern’s treatment entry, retention, return home or to community. Emergency meetings are held if relapse or other crises occur. The family engages in psycho-educational work, promoting long-term, individual and family recovery. Self-help meetings, healthy activities, monitoring and accountability are ensured.

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Women hugging her recovery coach during a meeting

How Thrive Can Help With Addiction Interventions and Recovery

Recovery planning at Thrive is tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. If the individual dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol decides to move forward with treatment, one of Thrive’s professionals can perform an addiction assessment and evaluation. Once the assessment is complete, a personalized course of treatment is developed.

A patient’s recovery program may include:

If an intervention plan for drug addiction or alcohol use is recommended, we can assist with the creation of this drug addiction or alcohol intervention program using the ARISE® Intervension method. Our founder, Sammy, is a certified ARISE® interventionist in Dallas, TX. He is able to facilitate the ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about our alcohol and drug intervention programs in Fort Worth Texas should contact Thrive today to schedule an appointment.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, an intervention may be necessary to help them enter treatment. Learn more about our intervention programs here.

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