Sober Coaching

Sober coaching is peer-based support for a person with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors.

Woman in recovery high fiving her sober coach outside after a run

At Thrive Recovery & Wellness, your sober living coach (also known as a recovery coach) will provide activities designed to encourage sober living. Our experienced addiction recovery coaches have both professional and personal experience to help clients identify their triggers, prepare for social gatherings, as well as navigate their home and work life. Each client receives the support and guidance he or she needs from a recovery coach to THRIVE during recovery

The Perfect Sober Coach is Someone with Personal and Professional Addiction Recovery Experience

Using their personal recovery experiences and professional knowledge, an addiction recovery coach encourages clients to live a healthy life, helps them set realistic goals as well as recognizes the importance of good time management and creating healthy boundaries.

Who Can Benefit from Addiction Recovery Services at Thrive Recovery & Wellness?

Anyone who is struggling with a substance abuse disorder should have as much support as possible as he or she moves through the recovery process. For this reason, whether you or someone you love is already moving down, has just started the path to recovery, or is currently dealing with an active addiction, Thrive Recovery & Wellness can help. Our sober coaches in Dallas, TX provide assistance to help these individuals live a healthy, happy, sober life. In addition, we ensure that no one has to move through the recovery process alone.

Furthermore, at Thrive Recovery & Wellness, clients have private meetings with their professional recovery coach. During these one-on-one meetings, the coach helps the client improve his or her communication skills. This ability to communicate more effectively is beneficial for family, friends, and co-workers.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

Recovery is not a single event, but a lifelong journey. Our sober coaches assist clients in consistently choosing the behaviors that offer them desirable rewards. In addition, a professional recovery coach holds clients accountable when they make poor choices.

With assistance from one of Thrive Recovery & Wellness’ sober coaches, clients create themselves long-term and short-term goals for recovery. As the client reaches these goals, he or she witnesses the improvements that sober living offers. These positive changes help the client become more confident.

What to Look for in a Sober Coach Near You

A sober living coach must be capable of providing a client with the skills and guidance necessary to successfully complete his or her recovery plan. The dynamic between a client and his or her recovery coach leads to the positive changes required for successful day-to-day living. Furthermore, a recovery coach must be able to ask difficult questions and then carefully listen to the client’s answers. The coach then uses this information to help the client reflect on his or her life to clarify what life circumstances led up to his or her drug or excessive alcohol use. In addition, a sober coach must be a skilled communicator that can provide a client with practical guidance.

Each sober coach at Thrive Recovery & Wellness is dedicated to helping individuals who are interested in addressing their substance use disorder. Recovery coaches can consist of individuals from a variety of occupational backgrounds (e.g., lawyers, financial planners, medical professionals, artists, writers, and stuntmen). Your sober coach should fit your goals and be able to relate to you on a level that is both personal and productive.

If you or a loved one need help with a substance use disorder, contact Thrive Recovery & Wellness today at 469.300.1828, by email, or by using our online form.

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