Addiction Assessment Guidance

Assessment Guidance is the first step to determining the course of action to help you or your loved one THRIVE during the recovery journey.

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We will meet with you to help decide the initial plan of action for recovery to get you or your loved one on the right path to living a healthy life.

More often than not, the loved ones of someone struggling with addiction or the person struggling themself may not know where to begin. At Thrive Recovery & Wellness, we are here to help guide you in the right direction as sober coaches in Dallas. Through our addiction intake assessments, we will work with you to determine the immediate actions to take and offer advice on how to go about those actions.

If it is determined that our services do not meet the client’s needs, we will refer them to a better fit organization so that they may get the help they need.

Benefits of an Addiction Intake Assessment

For someone dealing with substance abuse issues, addiction evaluations are very important. They are a good starting point for getting help and support. Addiction assessments can give you important information about the services right for you depending on the severity of the addiction.

An assessment is also beneficial to make sure you are satisfied with the place you will be getting treatment. You want to work with a trusted person or facility that provides quality treatment and where you feel comfortable. With proper support, you can break free from addiction.

Addiction Intake Assessment Process

Assess the Situation

The first step of an addiction intake assessment is to take a look at the overall situation, not just the substance abuse itself. Understanding the severity of your substance abuse can make it easier to find the right placement for the best support. Thrive will ask the necessary questions to evaluate your current situation, concerns and goals to provide the support for your needs.

Recognize Lifestyle Satisfaction Levels

The severity of substance abuse is strongly correlated to overall life satisfaction. Addiction alters daily life, and you can get back to living a happy, healthy life again with the right addiction help. Thrive will work with you on understanding the kind of difficulties you’re facing, and addiction treatment options that can help.

Identify Other Possible Concerns

Every individual is different. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, that may not be the only area of your life where difficulties are appearing. Thrive will take into consideration other concerns in your life, outside of substance use such as mental health or relationship issues. That means we can more easily tailor help and support to your specific, individual needs.

Addiction Evaluations and Placement With Thrive

Thrive uses the addiction intake assessment process to determine the appropriate sober coaching services that will work best for you. If the need for inpatient or outpatient treatment is found, Thrive can also provide addiction treatment facility referrals. There are many addiction help options in Texas, and finding the right one is the best way for you to be comfortable getting needed treatment.

Contact Thrive today, to get started on an addiction intake assessment that’s right for you. Support is available for anyone who needs addiction evaluations, treatment, and help that can help restore quality of life and happiness for the long term.